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You care about your child and you certainly want to give him or her the best protection you can. However, accidents and illnesses are unexpected and inevitable. Serious injury and illness often incur expensive medical expenses. The Hong Kong Student Health Care Insurance Plan is designed to provide a wide range of cover to protect your child against accident or illness any time and anywhere in the world.
Schedule of benefits and premium table
Benefits and Premium table
Expenses in Hospital Authority Hospitals (public ward only) will be fully reimbursed subject to the maximum limits.
For Hong Kong Hospital Authority Hospitals (except public ward), and other government or private hospitals, 80% of the expenses will be reimbursed except $1,000 excess per policy year.
All reimbursements will be subject to specified annual maximum limits.
For room type higher than those specified, expenses will be reimbursed on pro-rata basis.
N.B. All benefits and premiums are in Hong Kong Dollars.
Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans
We offer your a choice of three levels of coverage. Each Plan is packaged comprehensively in order to provide you a total peace of mind. In addition, you will enjoy saving of premiums if you choose to cover more than two children in the same family as free coverage will be provided for the third child and other additional children.
Hospital expenses #
If your child is confined in hospital for medical treatment as a result of an accident of illness, this Plan will reimburse hospital expenses incurred up to a maximum of $100,000.
Outpatient service and laboratory tests
In the event that your child requires outpatient treatment from a hospital or clinic for in, jury resulting from an accident this Plan pays for the clinical changes, X-ray, laboratory tests and chiropractic incurred up to $2,000. You can also choose to use Chinese bonesetter or acupuncturist, payment will be up to 5 visits per year at $100 for each visit.
Hospital deposit
If you use the service of hospitals named in the policy for your child's medical treatment, this Plan can arrange to exempt deposit up to $10,000 at your request to AXA Assistance Hotline on 2861 9285.
Rehabilitation equipment
In the event that rehabilitation equipment is necessary and recommended by registered medical practitioner for your child as a result of an accident, the expenses incurred for the equipment will be reimbursed up to $5,000
Parent's allowance
If you have to take leave from work approved by your employer to take care of your child who is confined to hospital due to an accident or illness, a daily allowance of $500 will be payable up to a maximum of $5,000.
Accidental death and disablement
In the event of permanent total disablement or death of your child as a result of an accident, maximum cash benefits up to $300,000 will be payable. In case of partial disablement due to an accident, benefits will be payable according to the specified scale in the master policy.
In the event of your child's disappearance during an accident, maximum of $300,000 will be payable after one full year.
Condolence payment
If your child commits suicide during the policy period an immediate cash relief of $100,000 will be given provided the child has been covered under the policy for at least one year.
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