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1) Who can join ?
Stutents whose aged between 3 and 25, enrolled in any shcools registered with the Hong Kong Education Department at the time of joining.
2) What are the benefits ?
The scheme provides 3 choices of benefits, namely Bronze Plan, Silver Plan & Gold Plan. Benefits are world-wide and 24-hours.
3) How much is the scheme cost ?
Annual premium (in HK Dollars)
  Bronze Silver Gold
1 student only $540 $660 $780
2 or more students $1,080 $1,320 $1,560
In case of claim, settlement will be made payable to parents or guardians.
4) Who provides the benefits ?
AXA Insurance Hong Kong Ltd. is the benefit provider.
5) How to enroll ?
Parents or guardians can fill up the Application (Proposal) Form and send back to us.
6) Do I get a scheme document after enrollment ?
A 1-year effective certificate will be sent.
7) Do I get a refund if I decide to withdraw from the scheme ? 
For withdrawal withinn the first 14 days after enrollment, we will refund 100% of your scheme cost.
For termination after the first 14 days, there is no refund whatsoever.
8) What should I do if I need service ?
Just call the following hotline and quote your Certificate number.
- Claims
- Members Servicing Enquiry
- Sales Enquiry
Mon to Fri
9:00am to 5:00pm
- Hospital Deposit 2851-1990 24 hours, collect call to "Far East Assistance"
9) Can you brief me the general limitations and exclusions of the scheme ?
Pre-existing, sickness and disablement, congenital disease, general check-up are excluded.
Pregnancy, cosmetic and plastic surgery (other than those arising out of accident), drug addiction, alcoholism are excluded.
War, civil war, wilful act (other than Suicide Benefit) and unlawful act are exluded.
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